May 12, 2014 Castrol Raceway

Track Resurfacing has started



Top Eliminator Minutes from October 13, 2012

  • Price Increase for membership to $150.00

  • When towing, Tow Unit must be in the same lane as the Race Car

  • All tow straps must be retractable, Retractable Straps will be for sale at Ebertz Bros. trailer.  No Ropes or other means will be accepted.  Tow Units not equipped with retractable straps WILL NOT be allowed in the staging lanes.

  • 10 races, taking points from 8

  • All races $5,000, plus 2 Mystery Races

  • You must make 1 qualifier to get on the ladder

  • All 6 lanes are to be used for qualifying, it will be done with the card system

  • Line up at a 45 for eliminations

  • Only time there will be a re-run is "tree failure"

  • If you accept the tree, It's Yours

  • Starter has last say



Top Eliminator Minutes from October 2011 Meeting

Big Bucks (July 28 & 29)

  • Kim Padd will be taking care of  BBQ for that weekend, tickets will be sold for this event with proceeds going to the Stollery
  • There will be a Calcutta which will take place after the race on Saturday
  • Entry Fee for the Big Bucks will be $150 per day.  Buy backs will be $75 per day
  • There will be an auction held at Blackjacks on Wednesday, July 4 to raise money for the Big Bucks.  We are needing more items to put towards our auction.  Anything will help.  Contact Bob 780-405-0666 or Keri 780-718-1110

Other Information

  • Memberships this year will be $125.00
  • Entry Fee to race will be $125 per day
  • There will be 10 races with points being taken from your best 8 races
  • Money must be paid at Ebertz Bros. racing trailer before first round of qualifying no excuses.  If you have a hard time remembering to pay you can always prepay for your racing
  • Prize money will be:  Winner - $5,000, Runner Up $850, Semis - $400, Quarters - $100.  There will be 2 of the 10 races worth more than the other races.  You will find out which races these are when the ladder is posted
  • There will be no splitting of prize money, if you want to split you can do it on your own
  • You must be ready to race when you leave the yellow line.  People will be monitoring it and if they see you aren't ready you will not be able to make that pass
  • There will be NO reruns unless the tree fails and that will be Ed's decision
  • Once the rules committee makes a decision it is final.  If a person is not happy with the decision and continues complaining, the rules committee can make them miss the next race
  • If one of the rules committee people is involved with the situation, they must remove themselves for any part of the decision making.  The 4 person Rules Committee will stay the same
  • If a LB3 shows up on your time slip you lose
  • If you courtesy stage Ed can back up the person once.  If you want the person backed out - don't pre-stage.  If Ed thinks you are messing around he will give you the red light




November 13, 2010

  • Prize money will be on ladder before eliminations.
  • There will be 12 races in all with 10 of the races being $4,000 and $1,800 for runner up.
  • Will pay back to quarters.
  • Every car must have the same size decal on each side in view.
  • Qualify side by side, no single passes.
  • New cars coming into class will make 2 single passes.
  • There will be 2 qualifiers to start with if the program speeds gets down faster we might then get 3 qualifiers.
  • It will still cost $100 for each day to race and $100 for membership.  Money must be paid before first round qualifying, will not chase anyone down, we just won't allow that pass.
  • The rules and tech committee will stay the same: Rules Committee: Curt Smith, Jason Padd, Scott Blake, Tom McAvoy;  Tech Committee: Scott Hearn, Geordie Castle, Stan Essery. Henry Hearn and Glen Smith will also be watching the passes and if they think a car is unsafe they will report it to the Rules Committee to handle.
  • The bump remains at 8.90 and will not be discussed for the next 2 years.
  • Try to line up at 45 degree angle in eliminations.
  • Ed, the starter will have the final say on what happens on the line, no matter what.
  • If you courteous stage on purpose you are done, but if by accident it is okay.
  • We will be using crosstalk always.
  • If you need your car teched at the track have it all filled out for when the tech guy gets there so they don`t have to wait around.
  • There will be a banner on Hearn and Ebertz Bros. trailer with the name of ther rules and tech committee.
  • Try to get all tech done at chassis certification (gloves, boots, etc.).
  • The top 16 cars will be in Hot August Nights, it is a show for the fans so it will just be a fun race and Wrenchhead will sponsor entry fee for the drivers to race that night.
  • The Big Bucks race will be a no points race with a $25,000 payout or more.  There might be chance we have this race at the Junior National Event.  Bob will let you know more on this when he gets more information.


October 3, 2009

  • the bump will remain at 8.90
  • we must look professional, by both cars being the the burn out box at the same time
  • we will race at Hot August Night
    • top 16 cars in the points will race
    • non points race
  • the Rocky Mountain Nationals are a week early in 2010
  • we will race at the Rocky Mountain Nationals, the race run will be all run Top Eliminator, 8.90 bump
  • tow vehicles MUST stay in the same lane as the race vehicle
  • if the juniors race, we may only get 2 qualifiers
  • if we have a gamblers race, cars MUST line up in all 4 lanes
  • Castol is suppose to have a prepared gate and another gate where one lane is for cash only and one is for debit only, to try to get the vehicles in faster
  • we are having a Big Bucks race and are looking for sponsors.  For more info call Bob 780 405-0666
  • money MUST be paid before first round qualifying or your pass will not count.  There will be NO EXCEPTIONS this year.  We will not chase anyone down, you will just be removed from the ladder
  • Payouts with a 20 car field will be:
    • Winner:  $850.00
    • Runner Up:  $450.00
    • Semi:  $150.00
    • Quarter:  $100.00
  • If you cheat on purpose, you will be done racing with "Top Eliminator" for the year and at Castrol Raceway.  You will also be fined by Top Eliminator. If it is an accidental cheat it is up to the Rules Committee
  • Tech Committee
    • Scott Hearn
    • Geordie Castle
    • Stan Essery
  • Rules Committee
    • Jason Padd
    • Scott Blake
    • Curt Smith